Heros return

After weeks of battle, the heroic Sea Shepherd Crews are returning to Civilization, or at least to Australia where one of their ships may be confiscated after the British (well known for their courageous war against Terrorism with Mr. Bush and his America - yeah, right...) canceled its registration because the Japanese barked! Woof Woof and the Brits use their most famous talent Bureaucracy to hinder the only people on the planet who are actually trying to save the seas! What more to say...

Just take a look at the Sea Shepherd site, and their blogs and pictures from the Antarctic campaign.

Then send some money, or go and do something with them!

Get out there and do it!


Anonymous said...

The Land of Oz is indeed Civilization! I have never heard of that Bluetongue beer before. Is it available in Europe? A whale safe beer, what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Er... I am trying to reach the GratefulFrog for a question concerning the Scarlet Box and this was the only way I found to communicate... you have an email address where I could send you a message?!