Web Applications, anyone?

Well, after a ton of reading, and thanks to the Google App-Engine,I've finally made my first tiny web-app!

It's a demo for the visualization of airport performance which provides a multi-variate view for the imaginary performance of an airport over a 28 day period. The visualization simultaneously presents: throughput, performance, runway system configuration and weather impact.

It's only a little bitty thing, but a first step!

Check it out: http://gratefulfrog-ap-demo.appspot.com/

And the documentation is available as well:


Problem Solving & Project Management

Hey! It's been a long time since I wrote words on this blog!

Would you like to see how to solve any problem?
If a man's hungry and you give him a fish, he'll feel less hungry.
If you teach him to fish, he won't be hungry again.
But if you hit him in the face with a fish, he won't bother you about fish any more!
Now, for the implementation, take a look at this.
Earned Value Analysis anyone?
Are you interested in finally understanding (and maybe learning to be a decent project manager)?

Then fasten your seat-belt and read this.
And why not take a look at loads of other obscure but fascinating stuff on my Home-Page.


Somewhere Saxophones


Closing the season at Lech, April 2008

And great skiing was had by all...
Check out the boots!


Galapagos, and that made all the difference...

A selection of photos from our life changing experience in the Galapagos islands, March 2008

click to see Keiko's photos and Paul's photos which are even better!

This is the link to the itinerary and company that organized the trip:



Basketball Avril 2008

Quelques photos de Félix et ses copains dans le dernier match de la saison contre Evère!


Jungfrau Region 2008

A few views of some of the greatest skiing ever!


Basketball Jan 2008

Quelques photos de Félix et ses copains du BCEEI Cadets-C en 2008 !