Building a Better Sink Strainer

Well, after changing the little metal kitchen sink strainer for the zillionth time, I decided that maybe I should try to make a better one myself...

This is what I wanted to replace:

This is what I was aiming at:

And this is what I got: 

After a few attempts, this is what I got: 

It worked!

Some cool things:
  • I made it in 2 parts that snapped together! No supports needed during printing and no glue needed to assemble!
  • It actually works!
But, the inner wall of the rim was very very thin, and the bridging during the printing of the basket seemed fragile.

So, I came up with a new design:

But that didn't fix the bridging... So one more design with round holes in the basket walls:

This is what the printer printed!

Here's the photo album!