Tignes Dec 2016

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Character Pixels

Some experiments...  Code available in my  Github repo


Building a Better Sink Strainer

Well, after changing the little metal kitchen sink strainer for the zillionth time, I decided that maybe I should try to make a better one myself...

This is what I wanted to replace:

This is what I was aiming at:

And this is what I got: 

After a few attempts, this is what I got: 

It worked!

Some cool things:
  • I made it in 2 parts that snapped together! No supports needed during printing and no glue needed to assemble!
  • It actually works!
But, the inner wall of the rim was very very thin, and the bridging during the printing of the basket seemed fragile.

So, I came up with a new design:

But that didn't fix the bridging... So one more design with round holes in the basket walls:

This is what the printer printed!

Here's the photo album!


Microwave Repair

The handle was ripped out, so I 3D printed some parts and it's a good as new - maybe even better!


Fin de la Saison...

De ski...



Oliver's Machine

Not the real one, duh! It's just a simulation!

The code is available in my github repo.


A long road to an F-104

I've been building an RC F-104, here are some pictures.  A full log will soon be posted as well!


Sauvetage avec Mouflage

Après avoir suivi la leçon de sauvetage d'une chute dans une crevasse, je m'entraine....
Ce qu'il faut retenir : 
  • Il faut avoir du matos : 
    • 2 mousquetons 
    • 2 cordelettes
  • Il faut savoir faire un noeud Prussik
  • Il faut réfléchir - ne pas laisser les mousquetons ouverts comme j'ai fait!


2016 02 : 15 jours dans les Oisans

Une Leçon de Ski de Randonnée

Ski de Randonnée au Col d'Ornon

Quand Tu Rentres sur la Piste...

Le Grand Sablat

Couloir des Trifides I

2 Alpes dans le Brouillard...

Combe Interdite et Couloir sans Fin

... et les Photos...


Chamonix 2016 02

Some views of the Snowshepherd Advanced Powder Week
in Chamonix, Feb 2016
Special thanks to our guides: Seb & Andrew !


Hokkaido Powder - January 2016

Some views of skiing the best powder I ever experienced!
Thanks to all, but especially to our guides:
Shin Imai
more images are available here
check out this video, too!