Cortina - Dolomiti Feb 2012

A great trip - Thanks Tommaso!
And special thanks to Novella, Piedro, Nic & Kevin!

Kevin's Ski Tips:
  1. Feet 1 melon apart; knees 1 apple apart
  2. twist hips
  3. body leaning forward, always
  4. shoulder aimed at opposite ski tip
  5. head faces down the hill, parallel to pitch
  6. shoulders parallel to pitch
  7. line between hands parallel to pitch
  8. elbows straight
  9. wrists turned out and forward!
  10. light pole plant and immediately thrust pole forward
  11. be gradual in up/down movement during the turn
  12. don't lean in
  13. don't let inside ski move forward or apart
  14. don't keep hips aligned with skis in the turn
  15. don't be idle during the turn - stay lose and dynamic