Tignes Off Piste Dec 2015

A few days Off Piste at Tignes, with one day on exceptional faceted surface hoar!
(The "Ripe and the Raw!")

All my thanks to everyone!


RepRap Huxley Duo 3D Printer

And it works!

This printer came from RepRapPro, and I would recommend them! 

Here is the link to the build-log.


Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Airshow, Duxford, UK

Some views of the Big Show at the Imperial War Museum

check out the IWM website 

In these films and photos, you can see Spitfires, Tiger Moths, Hawker Hurricaines, a Bristol Blenheim, a Chinook doing amazing aerobatics, one of only two flight-worthy B-17s in the world, and a Big Wing of 17 Spitfires!

It was a once in a lifetime event and absolutely fantastic!


Rabid Models F-104

This is work in progress...


Watermelon Man: Doctors Recommend It!

Félix et amis jouent dans le concert de fin d'année d'Alain Cupper!


Chamonix 04 2015

Off-Piste & Touring

with special thanks to Seb Cazorla for his really great guiding!


Sestrière 03 2015

Some off-piste skiing guided by Boris Debeaune!


Chamonix with The Boys 03 2015

Some off-piste with the boys at Chamonix in early March 2015.

There was too much wind at Chamonix itself, so we skied Courmayeur and Verbier, guided by Jacques Senly and his friend Fred.


Techone Rafale Woes...

I've had a Techone Rafale for a while now.

It came damaged by the post and was a challenge to assemble. In particular the EDF unit was poor quality and I never managed to balance it properly.

Although it flies very well, is stable yet agile, I had a first crash leading to nose repairs.

Then the EDF unit started vibrating so strongly that I decided to replace it. So I took out poor quality Chinese junk and replaced it with slight better quality Chinese junk.

The Repair Log tells the story.

The photo album below illustrates.



Well, inspired by so many people and having so much fun with foam RC planes, I decided to make dream one up myself!

The Build Log tells the whole story. The Slideshow below illustrates.

Now I'm gearing up fro the test flight!



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