USA 2014


My Carvin BoltPlus Guitar

Hello Guitar Fans!

Here's a report on the construction of my Carvin BoltPlus Guitar kit. The process so far has been:
  1. Sand down the maple neck and alder body with 150, 320, and finally 400 grit dry sandpaper. I carefully followed the wood grain while removing the machining scratches mainly from the cutaway's and the butt of the body. The neck was practically perfect out of the box.
  2. I then applied Tung oil with a cotton rag. I applied a light 1st coat to the entire body including the cut-outs and pockets. The following 4 coats were applied much more heavily, but not to the cut-outs. I allowed at least 12 hours between coats and buffed away as much of the Tung oil as possible after the coat and then again before applying the next.  The neck could hardly absorb any oil so it only got 3 coats. I did not oil the rosewood fingerboard. All in all I hardly used much Tung oil, only 3/8 of a 1/4 liter bottle.
  3. Finally, after the 5th coat on the body, I used 000 grade steel wool to polish the body, only. I did some more buffing with a microfiber buffer cloth.
  4. I am now waiting for the oil to fully dry before applying the red furniture oil and continuing the construction.
Here are some views of the neck and body after step 3:

The following references may help other builders:
  • Tao Guitars:
    Master Luthiers in Brussels, Belgium, provided all sorts of help and advice.
  • Grande Droguerie le Lion:
    in Brussels, supplies Tung oil and other products - a cool shop if you're an alchemist!
  • Cream Audio:
    The very pleasant Carvin Dealer in Belgium.
  • Carvin Guitars:
    The guys who make the best kits and guitars at really great prices!
  • Probag:
    provide custom made leather guitar bags that are great quality at a great price!


Brussels Air Museum

This is a great place to spend an afternoon, and it's free!