Guess Who Spoke at 30C3 ...

The ArduGuitar is an electric guitar with no physical controls, i.e. no buttons or knobs to adjust volume, tone or to select the pickups. All of these functions are performed remotely via a bluetooth device such as an Android phone, or via a dedicated Arduino powered blutetooth footpedal. The musician still plucks the strings, of course! This talk will give an overview of the technology and particularly the voyage that took me from nearly no knowledge about anything electronic to enough know-how to make it all work.I will explain what I learned by collaborating on forums, with Hackerspaces and with component providers: “How to ask the right questions.” The guitar with its Arduino powered circuit and an Android tablet will be available for demo; the code is all available on the github arduguitar repo with the associated Arduino footpedal libraries.


ArduStomp Enclosure Strawman

A first test using 6mm poplar plywood and 3mm cardboard. 
My great thanks to the Laser Cut Lab in Brussels for their good work and friendly attitude.


St Anton Hors Piste Jan 2013

Des grands moments hors piste à St. Anton, dont la face nord du Valluga 2 fois!


The ArduGuitar is Born

What do you get when you take an electric guitar, rip out all the electromechanical controls, put in an Arduino and some circuitry, then connect to it by bluetooth from an Android phone?

That's right! No knobs to turn, no buttons to push, all remote-controlled and with presets as well! More news coming soon!


Les Aiguilles Rouges (en Oisans)

Du Hors Piste fantastique dans la poudreuse des Aiguilles Rouges à partir des Deux Alpes avec une arrivée à La Cordée de St. Christophe en Oisans.
Guide de Haute Montagne : Boris Debeaune (debeauneboris at yahoo dot fr)