Sony Proprietary Camera Firmware Workaround

Well, I was searching for a new point and shoot camera. I use it mainly for skiing so I wanted a camera with a viewfinder so that it would be possible to actually see what I was shooting despite the strong sun in the mountains.

After some search, it seemed that the Sony DSC HX80 was the best compromise.

Not only that, but its viewfinder had a diopter adjustment so that I don't have to wear glasses to be able to see the image!

Furthermore, I was so happy to see among the many features of the camera, WIFI photo transfer to computer!

This was so exciting, at first, but sadly Sony only allows that feature to work with their proprietary photo software on closed Windows and OSX systems.

I proudly use GNU-Linux.

And the beauty of Linux is that it is supported by a community of nice people trying to fix all the broken proprietary solutions provided by rotten companies like Sony.

So, I found Airnef and good-bye to proprietary Sony software! I can now transfer my photos over Wifi, on GNU-Liunx with no problem!

Once again the world of open source has saved the day!

Thank you Airnef!!!