Today the whales have a defender!

At last the Sea Shepherd ships have hunted down the Japanese whale killers! Hopefully they'll be able to save a few whales down there in the Antarctic, while there are still whales to save!

Any Japanese, Norwegian, Icelandic, or Danish person reading this should do something *NOW* to prevent his or her government from continuing to senselessly hunt marine mammals for pure profit or for whatever justification they come up with.

And the same goes for any Asians regarding the hunting of sharks, and in particular whale sharks, for shark fins soup!

All the rest of you, send money to Sea Shepherd while there is still life in the sea to save!

There is no justification for the destruction of endangered species in the 21st century! So get with it!

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Anonymous said...

Great! Splendid! At last one sensible post in this otherwise totally obscure (to me, at least) blog! I have sent money to Sea Shepherd! Paypal is a fabulous invention !
BTW, GratefulFrog, have you stopped eating fois gras for good, in your Southern pond and elsewhere ? I am awaiting the next post that will denounce the forced-feed torture! Well, well, this blog is getting useful!