Orca Days

Once upon a time, we went for an orca adventure...
For a description of the trip look at Lofotdykk


Surprised? Well I am! This is just to see how webcam capture works!


More on Breezy and updates!

Well there's been another update of the xorg and the 64bit fglrx drivers are dead again. Looks like I've got to update backwards to the libdri.a found http://mail3.mpr.org/mlomker/libdri.a.gz

Now, there's a load of help at this site, too:


Hia Haya Dohr!

Hello there, y'all!

This is just to say that I'm now linking to my good friend Haya Dohr and his blog full of Art Photos!

Be sure to check it out!

See ya round here real soon!


Bloggy Day

Well, Internet world out there, things are still good. A great 2 week break in the South and all is fine. Of course, there is still work to be managed, alas. Funny how a break has taken my focus off the Literate Programming that I was doing. But there's no new focus, yet.

I will keep you posted with posts.


News, at last...

This is just to say: Life is Good! Free software is great!