Ubuntu GnomeMeeting Eureka

Yep, more gratefulness and good news from the GF!

Today I did my first Video Conference on 100% Free software, free as in Freedom of Speech, that is. Not a bit of you know who involved! And of course, all running across the ADSL IP connection at no extra charge.

My configuration:
  • Ubuntu Linux 5.04,
  • GnomeMeeting,
  • Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 webcam.
There's a trick to getting GnomeMeeting to work on Ubuntu 5.04: Don't use the default V4L2 plugin, instead download and install the package: libpt-plugins-v4 . Then select the V4L codec on the video configuration tab of the preferences for GnomeMeeting.

After that, it works perfectly.

To make a call, find the person you want to contact and get his/her 'callto', for example, I am 'callto:ils.seconix.com/gratefulfrog@gmail.com'.

Put that in the address bar and you're in business. Don't forget to check the 'view' menu for options allowing to see receiver and/or sender video feeds!

Isn't the 21st century a great time to be alive!

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