From the dark

We're not alone! Yes, despite overwhelming disdain from the local public, the truth is that when you share information over Internet, someone somewhere may actually use that information and the world can be a better place for it.

Naturally, this probably won't happen very often, but every time it *DOES* happen, that little bit of betterness created can go along way.

All that to say that after trying to help some of the local public into the 21st century, wasn't I pleasantly surprised to see that someone was actually interested in my common-lisp sudoku solver (look for sudoku.lisp here)!

So in one week I was able to show several people that the world has evolved since the days of Impressionism, and help a potential lisper find his way through the dark moments of lisp-newbiedom.

I think that's pretty good and am grateful to have had the chance to do both.

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Anonymous said...

as the junior lisper involved I'm very grateful that you did :-) I have been using your code to generate puzzles and then removing cells in such a way as to leave clues, trying to work out levels of difficulty - I'm learning a lot about lisp on the way...Sharing knowledge and learning on the internet is a fantastic thing to do, and I share your excitement about free software, & what a powerfully different paradigm it is to commercial computing & rat-race living in general...thanks for that & for your attitude! :-)