Yes, today the Gratefulfrog is syndicated! What's that you wonder? Well, if you've got an RSS/Atom reader plugin for your browser, then you can simply click the 'Site Feed' link, bookmark it, and you can automatically follow the updates to this Blog.

Although that may appear silly, it's not. If you're looking for a syndication reader plugin for the Firefox browser, try sage. It's simple to use, but lacks some of the sophistication that may be available elsewhere.

Once you've got a reader installed, you can bookmark any page that offers RSS or Atom. Look at the lower right of the Firefox status bar and you'll see an orange button. Click it, and you can bookmark the link. Be sure to put it in the 'Sage Feeds' Folder.

You're in business.

Check out other interesting feeds:
In case you missed it, the 'RSS' button that follows will link you to Gratefulfrog's GratefulBlog Feed!

So lads, let's get on with it!

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